English needed 12/2011

Môj výber z anglických textov týkajúcich sa Číny, ktoré som nedávno čítal, vhodný aj na precvičenie si cudzieho jazyka počas sviatkov.
Netvrdím, že všetky oceníte.

A brief history of Chinese porn
The origins of Chinese erotica and pornography can be traced way back into antiquity.

The education gap is tangible in rural China
My students came from the surrounding countryside and a few from further away, for virtually all 300 of them, my class was the first place they had seen a foreigner in the flesh.

Tarnished Memories: Gold Olympic Good Luck Dolls Turn Rusty
figurines, purchased from Bank of China Ltd., are turning rusty — even though they were given certificates stating that the dolls are made of 99.9% fine gold.

China: “Free Lunch” for Rural Students via Micro-Donations
In a sample of 1,458 students aged 10-13 from rural boarding schools in Ningxia, Guangxi and Yunnan, 12% have growth retardation and 9% are underweight.

Can’t Get a Bank Loan? Chinese State Owned Companies Happy to Help Out
China’s small and medium-sized enterprises rely on the private financing system, making it very popular

Privatisation in China: Capitalism confined
Chinese companies, like companies everywhere, do best when they are privately run. In China, however, the state is never far away

Photos: Chinese blaze new paths in Africa
Over one million Chinese are now carving out their own paths in today’s Africa, and tasting the glory and hardship that this foreign land has brought to them.

A village with only one restaurant
Below is a translation of a joke that is currently being circulated widely on Sina Weibo and other Chinese social networks:

China Sells (Not So) High-Speed Trains to… Georgia
The state-run Xinhua news agency seemed to serve one up on Wednesday, announcing in a report that China had won a bid to send a fleet of 40 bullet-train locomotives to the country of Georgia.

Once a Redoubt Against China, Taiwan’s Outpost Evolves
Yang Xihui, 58, who works as a janitor at a building with a tourist entrance into the defense tunnels, can recall the air-raid siren’s going off on Aug. 23, 1958.

Century-old portraits of a Chinese empress show an eye for good public relations
The formal images were a diplomatic tool intended to show Cixi’s openness to technology, innovation and the West.

China: Reflecting on 100 Years Since the Xinhai Revolution
Even Sun Wen [Sun Yatsen – the founder of the Republic of China] was influenced by the idea of “the emperor is the nation”.

100 years after the Xinhai Revolution
Traditional Chinese society was an authoritarian society based on the patriarchal clan system (宗法专制社会), and not a feudal society.

The Wire Guide to the 1911 Revolution, Part I.
Ironically for a nationalist revolutionary, Sun was a huge fan of British administration if not British imperialist rule.

The Wire Guide to the 1911 Revolution, Part II.
Where was Sun Yat-sen, the “Father of the Chinese Revolution” when all this was going down? He was in the United States.

Social housing in China: No way home
This year’s target represents a 70% increase in the construction of social housing compared with 2010 (see chart).

From production-oriented to welfare-oriented government in China
Binkai Chen and I find that when infrastructure investment increases by one percentage point in a provincial government’s budget, household consumption drops by 0.31 percentage point as a share of GDP in that province.

Tensions rise between doctors and patients in China
In China, it is sometimes the doctors who call for medical help.

Me and Mao’s girl
Although at least one became pregnant, Dr Li knew that Mao was infertile; he never revealed this to his patient.

The tragedy of a corrupt civil service
Zhang Ming thinly masks a point about the political backwardness reflected in the popularity of civil service exams with a discussion of officialdom in Chinese history

Cloud Computing Turned into Real Estate Business in China
Lenovo generated 60% of its profit in 2010 from real estate development

A Strange Love Fest Between Political Rivals
Bo was lavish in his praise of Wang, his predecessor in Chongqing

Sun Tzu and the art of soft power
The sage’s popularity in the West still owes more to Hollywood than China’s own efforts

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