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Články o Číne, peniazoch, investíciách a pôžičkách. (Pridané 14. 2. 2013)

Spôsoby ako dostať peniaze z Číny
The Chinese are known for finding all sorts of channels for sending their money out of the country.

A prečo to vlastne niekto robí
Instead, diversification of risk was a major reason for 86% of respondents, and 76% cited having access to a wider range of investment products.

Dokonca existujú špecialisti, čo vám s tým pomôžu
Ms. Chu ran an underground bank, according to defense evidence cited by the Hong Kong judges, an operation that they said would match people who wanted to bring money into China illegally with those who wanted to get it out illegally.

Investujúci bankový klient môže nevedomky riskovať v kategórii “iné”
In May, “other” products accounted for only 37.1% of newly issued wealth management products. In September that figure was up to 51.1%.

Aj tento rok niektorí zistili, že zisk bez rizika neexistuje
The collapse of the 140 million yuan ($22.5 million) product offered through a Shanghai branch of Huaxia Bank Co., which promised investors returns of between 11% and 13%, represents one of the most prominent investment defaults in China in recent years.

Kto chce zarobiť viac môže to skúsiť mimo oficiálneho bankového systému
China’s trust companies – the main pillar of China’s shadow banking system with more than $1 trillion under management – provided 755.05 billion yuan worth of new funding to infrastructure projects over the course of the first nine months of the year

A ako sa požičiava bez reálnej zábezpeky
Chinese steel traders … began to secure credit by pledging nonexistent collateral, or by pledging the same steel inventory multiple times.

14. 2. 2013 Ako umne neskrachovať

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