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Väčšinou English needed, XXV. Ak to stihnete prečítať už na Mikuláša, bude to váš problém. Pictures sú obrázky.

The Bloodthirsty Deng We Didn’t Know

Česká estráda pro 100 milionů Číňanů: Zeman i Kuchařová

China’s Meritocracy Vs. Western Democracy

Tibetan Exiles Heartened by China’s Teetering Economy

China’s Money Exodus

The most egregious examples from the Chinese government’s long, sordid history of data-doctoring

Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news across Washington, and the world

Six Ways to Gauge How Fast China’s Economy Is Actually Growing

Northeast Eurasia as Historical Center: Exploration of a Joint Frontier

What if China is growing at 10 per cent?

A National Hotline Encourages Chinese to Report Suspected Spies

Buddhist Bliss Dharma Assembly in Tibet, in pictures

Debating the China Model

Coal Industry Faces Slowdown, Layoffs

NYT 1913: Yuan Shikai expels KMT from Parliament

Tomb Tells Tale of Family Executed by China’s 1st Female Emperor

How China Wants to Rate Its Citizens

China’s Intervention Lessons

How stressed are major Chinese banks?

Locked tomb in Jiangxi may hold key to fate of little-known Han emperor 2,000 years ago

Hong Kong Collector Reveals Basement Hoard of Chinese Porcelain

China to Push Cultural ‘Blending’ in Xinjiang

Doug Bandow: China’s Propaganda Posters Illustrate Chinese Communism’s Bouts with Insanity

In China, nothing says thanks (or thanks for nothing) like big red banners

The Rare Foreigner Who Could Capture the Essence of Ancient Peking

Daily chart: China’s life expectancy by province, and the country that matches it

From the Archives: The Wire Guide to the 1911 Revolution

Why China’s ‘fat’ women refuse to sweat it out in the gym

Slash fiction: Click bait

NGOs Win China’s First Public Interest Environmental Lawsuit

China Establishes an Academic Foothold in Seattle

Why China’s super-rich are now eager to invest in philanthropy

China’s New ‘Little Red Book’: A Shopping App for Foreign Products

The Revision of China’s Energy and Coal Consumption Data: A preliminary analysis

China’s government played stock market and won (?)

ADST: The Time U.S. Diplomats and Mao Were Equally Confused

Rare early photographs of Peking

SDR inclusion doth not a reserve currency make

Is China the new Japan?

Death Cab for Cadre: Chinese Official’s Taxi Fury Stirs Debate Online

Chinese Sea Salt May Contain Small Plastic Particles, Study Says

China says it has been ‘restrained’ by not seizing more islands in South China Sea

China accused of trying to ‘co-opt and emasculate’ Christianity

In 0-0 Draw, Hong Kong Soccer Fans ‘Boo’ Chinese Anthem — On Paper

Is Sinocentrism putting Russia’s interests at risk?

The Trouble With China-Mongolia Relations

China bets big on border town with Russia, North Korea

1896-1906 San Francisco’s Chinatown

Daring to grow facial hair

Goldman vs China’s statisticians

U.N. Questions China Over Use of Torture in Crackdown

Watch: Beijing Replaces 1,300-Ton Bridge in Less Than 48 Hours

Crashing the SDR–cohen-2015-11

How Chinese President Xi Jinping Inspired an American Expat to Write a Book on “Mystic Quanzhou”

Sex education: Dream of the bed chamber

Hippo Reads: How I Survived a ‘Discussion’ With Chinese Public Security

Chinese investment in Africa: Not as easy as it looks

Could China suffer a banking crisis?

Taiwanese Netizens Make the Most of Chinese Users’ Brief Facebook Visit

Eyewitness: Xi’an, China

Shanghai’s first American Chinese restaurant

Jim Laurie: History and Rehabilitation in China: A Vigorous Little Man Who Helped Shake a Nation

China’s Workers Trade Factories for Beauty School, Retail as Economy Shifts

Young Chinese Indie Directors Want to Reach Home Screens

Rewriting History: Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang

Largest animal cloning factory can save species, says Chinese founder

Wait, China’s employment counting problem … solved?

Pettis on the tragedy of China’s common private central banks

Chinese lesbian takes government to court over textbooks

Xi’s China: The Illusion of Change

Tibet, Taiwan and China – A Complex Nexus

China’s bond market: Pricing risk

From pagodas to worm jelly: Best of Quanzhou in 72 hours

Chinese Netizens Have Their Own Version of Thanksgiving: Fried Rice With Egg Day

Holiday of the Week: Chinese Thanksgiving

Black Eagle Flights: The official Page of Jim Goodman’s Travel Writing: Blending the Buddha and the Benzhu in Bai Religion

China Has a Yuan for Luxury, But Not at Home

Lender’s ‘Runaway’ Photos Show Perils of China’s P2P Promise

Great Mustaches in Modern Chinese History

Children’s literature: Much red reading books

Shanxi province: King Coal’s misrule

‘White Gloves,’ ‘VIP Boxes:’ How It’s Done at China’s Underground Banks

What are the chances of an actual currency crisis in China?

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Reaches Europe

Mystery of cars ‘levitating’ in bizarre accident solved

Historic Mao letter set to fetch more than £100,000 at auction

China’s rebalancing timetable

As Economic Doubts Grow, China Rolls Out a New ‘Keqiang Index’

China’s Twin Challenges

Yuan in the SDR: The Chinese renminbi joins the IMF’s reserve-currency basket

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