Vianočné čítanie 2

Väčšinou English needed, XXVI.
Výber článkov o Číne najmä z prvej polovice decembra.

Zlatá kvetina nesmrteľnosti

The Girl From Harvard, the Girl From China

Hazardous Smog Engulfs Beijing for Fifth Straight Day

Why QE Isn’t the Answer for China

Chinese companies: Red chips, red faces

The Limits of China’s Cooperation With Central and Eastern Europe

Censorship: This article is guilty of spreading panic and disorder

Emerging-market banks: Stressful times

China’s People’s Daily Runs 11 Xi Jinping Headlines on its Front Page

Alipay launches “I got sued for helping a senior citizen” insurance

China’s steel industry has its own take on your so-called *law* of supply and demand

Do the maths on the Shanghai method | Letters

Former Beijing Police Chief Heads Stock Probe

Is China really scared of ghost films?

Mob attacks northern China checkpoint

Sun Yat-sen: The Love Doctor

Transparency under threat after China’s SDR entry

The Unbearable Coldness of Being (Chinese)

The Long Climb to a Chinese IPO

Like Soviet Russia in 1959, has China already peaked?

China promises rights to citizens born in violation of one-child policy

New Post on The World of Chinese: “Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money.”

China anti-counterfeiting agents make many of the fakes themselves – report

Life on China’s Margins as an ‘Unregistered’ Person: Q&A with Li Xue

Land transfers thrive in rural China

Northern Exposure: China Names and Shames Provinces for Fudging GDP

The plastic surgery ‘plea’ that sparked a debate in China

Fake Tu Youyou Nobel Prize Speech Makes the Rounds on China’s Internet

Philanthropy: Panda power

Čínska vláda splní najtajnejšie sny sociálnych inžinierov

Why are Chinese fishermen destroying coral reefs in the South China Sea?

Xu Xiake, The Father of Chinese Backpacking

The Rise and Fall of Shadow Banking in China

Internal migration: Shifting barriers

Caterpillar fungus: The emperor’s mighty brother

China, Russia Try to Brave Economic Headwinds

Unaccountable China

Oracle Bones – a conservation collaboration with the National Library of China

Lawyers, Guns, and Money, Part II

The Complex Impact of Urbanization in Xinjiang

Čína odkazuje Rusom: Ste v slepej uličke.

Banyan trees have begun to grow INSIDE an abandoned Quanzhou sugar mill

The Chinese under Tibetan rule

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko.

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