Novoročné čítanie

Uzatváranie roku 2015 v štýle väčšinou English needed, XXVII.
Výber článkov o Číne najmä z druhej polovice decembra. Všetko dobré.

Akupunkturisti nevedia, čo robia? Takto dopadlo testovanie ich diagnostiky a liečebných postupov,-co-robia-takto-dopadlo-testovanie-ich-diagnostiky-a-liecebnych-postupov_295.html

Mateřská v Číně (10. díl) – U doktora

Monthly data detail China’s often soft-handed anti-corruption campaign

Jim Laurie: Letter from Guizhou: 差距 – Disparity in China

Čínsky vplyv na peruánsku kuchyňu

Shrinking Spaces, Rising Costs: Hong Kong Residents Feel the Crunch

China Backs Sect in Global Effort to Smear Dalai Lama

Women Fuel China’s Fitness Craze

China Loses Another Economic Indicator as Minxin Suspends PMI

China Unveils Economic Strategy for 2016

Forgotten voices from the Great War: the Chinese Labour Corps

China’s Latest Crackdown on Workers Is Unprecedented

Beijing lays claim to South Korean waters

The Difference Between Indian and Chinese Migrants

China’s European Century

Drama and Maneuver in the South China Sea: The US-China Standoff

China’s ‘train hunter’ on a quest to chronicle its fast-expanding railways

Are Chinese Nostalgic About Jiang Zemin?

How the Ancient Practice of Harvesting Edible Bird’s Nests Is Facing Some Very Modern Challenges

Comparative Advantage: An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

Behind the Mask: The Challenge of Reporting on China

Inside A Chinese Coding Boot Camp

Obituary: Elsie Tulead: From missionary to firebrand

The Refugees Who Risk Frostbite to Escape Communism

Superstition Ain’t the Way: Chinese Official Fired over Feng Shui Fervor

China and India: Clash of the titans

Exorcising Ghosts: How Hit Film Cleared China’s Censors

Inside Scoop: In Beijing Offices, the Air Is Just as Bad as Outside

Why did China hold a cremation competition?

Why Millions of Chinese Are Victimized by the Blooming Peer-to-Peer Lending Business

A moment that changed me – adopting my daughter from China

The Perils of Advising the Empire

China wedding rush ahead of new law

Writing China: Mark O’Neill, ‘The Miraculous History of China’s Two Palace Museums’

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko.

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