Augustové čítanie 3

Linky o Číne na záver prázdnin. English needed XXXVII s jednou českou výnimkou.

Is China Ready for a Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe?

China’s chance to shine or stall

Lost Appeal: Court Orders a Writer to Apologize Over Wartime Story

China May Not Have Enough Arable Land to Feed Its People. But Big Changes Are Coming Čítať ďalej

Augustové čítanie 2

S jedinou výnimkou English needed XXXVI.

The Future is Hidden within these Realities

China’s public hospital doctors to lose their iron rice bowls

How stars are born

What is crippling China’s once powerful export machine? Čítať ďalej

Augustové čítanie

Väčšinou English needed XXXV, jemne čeština i slovenčina.

People’s Bank of China official warns of ‘liquidity trap’ and calls for fiscal deficit of 3 to 5pc

Despite 104pc growth, China’s ‘Manhattan’ remains cautionary tale of economic zeal

China will struggle to maintain growth pace for wages, warns official

Flood of doubts: sceptical public questions Three Gorges Dam’s capacity to stop disasters Čítať ďalej