Augustové čítanie

Väčšinou English needed XXXV, jemne čeština i slovenčina.

People’s Bank of China official warns of ‘liquidity trap’ and calls for fiscal deficit of 3 to 5pc

Despite 104pc growth, China’s ‘Manhattan’ remains cautionary tale of economic zeal

China will struggle to maintain growth pace for wages, warns official

Flood of doubts: sceptical public questions Three Gorges Dam’s capacity to stop disasters

Jedna země, dva systémy, pět knihkupců

Requiem for a Noodle Joint

Can China get rich after getting old?

Labor Groups Collaborate Amid Growing Strikes

In China, a University Degree Isn’t Always a Golden Ticket to Employment

Zaměstnanci čínského Walmartu ve stávce

Cash-strapped Italy looks to China to fund the restoration of its ancient monuments

What is the secret to Shanghai’s teaching prowess?

Hualong One, inovativní čínský jaderný reaktor

The Water Kingdom: A Secret History of China by Philip Ball – review

Huge blaze almost totally destroys 300-year-old Chinese Qing dynasty building

Driven potty: Chinese city officials ‘plant’ 400 trees to crowd out food vendors that block shopping street

Flood Buffer

Seeing China Through Its Economic History

Čínsky exodus. Krajina stráca svoju konkurencieschopnosť a čelí veľkému problému

Is the Chinese economy closed?

Why Palestine Supports China on the South China Sea

HK journalists jailed in China for ‘illegal business’

Chinese village head who was also local feng shui master forced to quit

Tibet, Xinjiang, and China’s Strong State Complex

China: The People’s Fury

Shanghai shows that China reforms are possible

Authorities Attempt to Manage Rising Labor Unrest

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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