Augustové čítanie 2

S jedinou výnimkou English needed XXXVI.

The Future is Hidden within these Realities

China’s public hospital doctors to lose their iron rice bowls

How stars are born

What is crippling China’s once powerful export machine?

Waiting for Ice Cream in Shanghai Is So Hot Right Now

China’s ‘White-Hat’ Hackers Fear Dark Times After Community Founder Is Detained

Bai Tongdong: How Chinese History Provides Guidance in the Age of Trump and Brexit

Guest post: Further questions about Chinese GDP data

Critics See China’s Fingerprints All Over the Turmoil at Hong Kong’s Anti-Corruption Authority

In a Mysterious Redaction, a Glimpse of China’s Policy Tussle

Xi Jinping is No Mao Zedong

Ride-hailing in China: Uber gives app

China’s mobile internet: WeChat’s world

The Cultural Revolution: Unlikely hero

What does evidence of China’s Great Flood mean for Yu?

How to Barbecue Relatives and Win Friends

Scientific study of China’s great flood could prove 4,000-year-old legend

Chinese investment: Not so gung-ho

Čínská video propaganda na Times Square (a na vašich obrazovkách)

Li Cunxin clears away the mystery surrounding Emperor Liu He, who ruled 27 days, one brush stroke at a time

Who Supports China in the South China Sea and Why

Taiwan’s apology, Beijing’s problem

China tries to end brain drain, lure foreign-educated talent

China’s rejected wives turn to expensive ‘mistress dispeller’ services to help get their husbands back

A Neanderthal Marco Polo? The prehistoric Chinese skull with intriguing signs of a European past

Residents come out in force to protest against Sino-French nuclear project

Scott Morrison says national security will be put first in decision on Ausgrid sale

Flag Furor: China Sees Red Over Starry Slip-Up in Rio

Chinese tourist who lost wallet in Germany ends up in refugee shelter

Flag flub could have been avoided, if Mao had been given his way at country’s birth

Alibaba Cautioned on Fakes in Rare Public Comments

Daily chart: Where does foreign aid go?

Quanzhou man gets life sentence for buying replica guns online

Expectant father given painful hemorrhoid operation after mix-up while awaiting birth of child in Chinese hospital

Adding value to the Chinese economy through tax reform

New rivalries on a contested continent: Asia’s scramble for Africa

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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