Augustové čítanie 3

Linky o Číne na záver prázdnin. English needed XXXVII s jednou českou výnimkou.

Is China Ready for a Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe?

China’s chance to shine or stall

Lost Appeal: Court Orders a Writer to Apologize Over Wartime Story

China May Not Have Enough Arable Land to Feed Its People. But Big Changes Are Coming

Private investment proving to be Chinese economy’s Achilles’ heel

China’s economic policy risk becomes acute

China mounts massive crackdown on sprawling underground bank network

China’s Higher-Education Glut

China falls back on fiscal stimulus to revive growth in ailing northeast rust belt

The swimming pool for dogs – in pictures

An Alternative History for China By Tinderizer on

The Search for the Beautiful Woman: A Cultural History of Japanese and Chinese Beauty

China’s budget deficit: Augmented reality

China’s Painful Structural Transformation

China unveils stock ownership plan for state enterprise employees

The Chinese admiral who spread Islam across Southeast Asia

How Much Control Does the Central Government Really Have in China?

China’s Ever More Mysterious Tourism Numbers

Čínský Schindler zachránil tisíce Židů

Two Chinese women collapse in street after arguing non-stop for eight hours

Of Chinese bank bailouts, SOE pay scales and credit cycles

How the People’s Liberation Army’s massive land troops helped define modern China

Wanted posters for fugitive debtors and runaway bosses symptoms of China’s economic woes

Industrial actions: The perils of peace in China’s commodity industries

TV Show Spotlights Middle Class Anxieties in China

Why does China care so much about stalled dam project in Myanmar?

Surrogacy still big business in Shanghai despite national ban

How to find China’s elusive consumption boom

Banyan: A spot of localist bother

Beijing Emperor and Qing Dynasty Scammer Faces Prison Time in Shenzhen

“Little Pinks,” the New Face of Chinese Nationalism

China’s Oil Industry Destined for Big Changes

‘Liberate Hong Kong’: pre-election calls for independence from China grow

Why Xi Jinping’s bid to put ‘power in a cage’ must go to the very top

China’s Baidu search engine halts virtual currency ads without warning

Why Chinese women don’t use tampons

How Beijing’s Breach of ‘One Country Two Systems’ Gave Birth to the Hong Kong Independence Movement

China school pollution reports ‘wrong’ – investigation

Police in Spain dismantle ‘illegal Chinese immigration ring’

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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