Septembrové čítanie

Česky aj anglicky o Číne. English needed XXXVIII.

In Shanghai, Couples Rush to Divorce to Buy Property Later

How homebuyers are exploiting loopholes to snap up property in top Chinese cities as prices skyrocket

China can revive manufacturing competitiveness by making more cuts to firms’ social security contributions: planning agency

Book Review: The Mercenary Mandarin

The Solution to Beijing’s Soft-Power Deficit Is Staring it in the Face

Will Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing be any less rich? China to limit actors’ ‘astronomical pay’

Blue Skies, Fake Tourists and Maximum Security: China Prepares For a Flawless G20 Summit

Wealthy Chinese women caught after ‘shoplifting contests’ to see who can steal the biggest swag

Beijing and Shanghai ban electric scooters and segways on roads

How scientists studying China’s distant past helped police finally catch ‘one of nation’s most notorious serial killers’

Does it matter if China cleans up its banks?

Seven more provinces to join China’s free-trade zone club, bringing total to 11

Planners in China’s capital try to make most of cleared-out spaces

Provincial Leaders Shuffled Ahead of 2017 Transition

China’s infrastructure binge may be doing more harm than good: Oxford study

Does infrastructure investment lead to economic growth or economic fragility? Evidence from China

About that China infrastructure paper that is making the rounds

China ‘not badly hit’ as sexually transmitted disease risks becoming untreatable, says health expert

Social media: Posers for the party

China’s data: Superstition ain’t the way

Does Chinese Civilization Come From Ancient Egypt?

Chinese schools employ barbers at the gates to enforce bans on trendy haircuts

Rudá záře nad aulou

Why China Fears a ‘Color Revolution’ Incited by the West

In Need of Repairs, Great Wall Turns to Crowdfunding

What happened to the billions of yuan seized in China’s anti-graft campaign?

G20 ‘staircase snub’ for Obama was United States’ decision, reveals Chinese official

China’s Continuing Renewable Energy Revolution – latest trends in electric power generation

Shenyang Tries New Tack to Woo College Graduates to Buy Homes

China’s unfinished gender revolution

Book Review: Fred Barton and the Warlords’ Horses of China

Settling Siberia: Nerchinsk, 1689

Three arrested in China for killing two women to sell as ‘ghost brides’

Licence to split: China’s ‘mistress hunters’ on mission to save marriages

How one man is saving China’s endangered bees

Apparently, Being Pro-China in Hong Kong Is No Guarantee Against Political Threats From Beijing

Preserving Chairman Mao: embalming a body to maintain a legacy

China’s big baby bump puts the squeeze on hospitals and pregnant women

Mongolian report blames Lin Biao plane crash on ‘pilot error’

China to ‘tighten up’ on illegally obtained evidence, protect criminal suspects’ rights

How Chinese scientists hope to control the weather to nourish the mainland’s arid north

Nepřekonatelných 5 000 let čínské historie

Historian: China’s Economic Reforms Actually Started During the Cultural Revolution

Virtual Gold: Why Beijing is Leading China’s Bitcoin Revolution

Mao, Zhao and some “what ifs?”

A Stroll Along Beijing’s Restored Canal System and the Ongoing Plan to Revive its Ancient Waterways

Qigong Therapy in 1950s China

Businessman or Literatus? Hu Zhenghi and Dagong Bao, 1916–20

Starobylá vesnička v Yunnanu – jak se žije na střeše?

Před 40 lety zemřel Mao Ce-tung. Zahubil nejméně 70 milionů lidí

Čínské biliony se dávají do pohybu. Vláda vytváří megakorporace

Češi budovali za komunismu v Číně farmu, Číňané je nyní lákají zpět

Vincentka vyhrála spor o značku v Číně. V zemi je luxusním nápojem

China to ‘tighten up’ on illegally obtained evidence, protect criminal suspects’ rights

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