Septembrové čítanie 2

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Jobseekers over 35 – especially men – find it tough as slowdown bites in China’s manufacturing hub

The Chinese diaspora’s role in the rise of China

Deadbeats Denied Seats on Airliners, Sleeper Trains

How China Wastes Its Renewable Energy

The rot at the top exposing deep flaws in China’s legislative system

‘That’s my seat’

‘Moon’ crashes to earth in China – before Super Typhoon Meranti arrives for Mid-Autumn Festival

The Civilized Village

Chinese investment: A sponge wrung dry

Chinese farmers take over former white-owned farms in Zimbabwe to cash in on tobacco

Tearing down the wall: Beijing to stop classifying its residents as rural or urban

What not to expect from Chinese SOE reform

China gives green light for credit default swaps

Never mind the debt; grab the loot courtesy of cheap money

Xi Jinping as Mao’s Heir? Smashing Chinese Family Dominance

6 Hacks for Visiting (and Actually Enjoying) the Forbidden City

The Chinese vote-rigging scandals that raise the question: Why?

Risks of property bubble growing in China with policy options running out

The Terrible Amusement Park That Explains Chongqing’s Economic Miracle

Undermining China: towns sink after mines close

Over the Moon: Alibaba Engineers Fired for Mooncake Hacking

Dream of the Red Chamber: How to transform a classic, sprawling Chinese novel into an opera

Beijing once again vows to renovate the shantytown in its CBD

Sri Lanka a pearl in China’s past, present and future

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