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Komplet English needed XLVI.


China to cap use of coal at 55 per cent of total power output by 2020

An update on the Marco Polo problem

Just a Game? The New Culture of Virtual Red Packets in China’s WeChat

Reform Needed in How Chinese Judges Think

Still waiting for signs of real centralization in China

Saul Gitlin: The Ironic Meanings Of “Donald” Vs. “Hillary” In Chinese — “Offensive” Vs. “Hope”

China approves five-year plan to revive northeast

Commentary: CPC backs bold officials with passion for reform

China’s First World War — Part Two: The Battle of Tsingtao

China’s Tangled Environmental History

Writers Wail Over Bookworm Literary Festival’s Indefinite Postponement

China’s Non-Reserve Official Assets, and How They Might Help Us Understand China’s Forward Book

John Pomfret’s new book already feels a bit dated

Coal, Nuclear Capacity to Rise as Solar, Wind Goals Fall

Reason Gets Trumped on Chinese Stock Market During U.S. Election

High on Tibetan Plateau, Buddhist Spirituality Soars – The New York Times Even by the standards of the phenomenal sights of Tibet, Yarchen Gar is a wonder on the high plateau:

Tug of war over China’s founding father Sun Yat-sen as Communist Party celebrates his legacy

Special Exhibitions at the Capital Museum Highlight Beijing’s Imperial Past

Chinese Flag-Maker Flooded With Orders in Wake of Trump Win

Lou blow: An outspoken finance minister retires

Many Chinese cities are slowly sinking – and intensive urbanisation means it will only get worse, say experts

Democracy’s other version: China holds elections

Tips on Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling in China

Why China’s rise means Hong Kong stars like Jackie Chan will be the last of their kind

Courier firms: The big sort

Why The Czech Republic Is Turning Against the EU

To embrace market or state: Chinese economists debate the country’s future

China: The Virtues of the Awful Convulsion

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