Decembrové čítanie 2

Ako sa robia vianočné darčerky a všeličo iné o Číne. English needed XLIX s jednou slovenčinou.

128 days in ‘China’s Guantanamo’: writer tells of secret detention after Occupy Central visit

Tomb of Han dynasty emperor may contain lost chapters from Confucian classic

Part of Ming dynasty city wall collapses in ancient Chinese capital of Nanjing

China’s tourists cover famous Buddhist pagoda in graffiti

China’s great wall of debt

Black swan sculpture unnerves Beijing investors

Bezmoc bezmocných: zločin a trest v Číně

China’s Dual Equilibria

Does Hong Kong’s seizure of armoured vehicles give Beijing access to Singapore’s military secrets?

News Commentators Decry the Errand Economy as ‘Ruining’ Friendship on Chinese University Campuses

The practitioner’s view of economic development: “We do what we must and then adjust as we go along”

Chinese mother’s nighttime sales vigil to help struggling son buy a home

Alipay’s New App Abuses Personal Data and Reinforces China’s Class Divisions, Critics Say

China’s ‘missing women’ theory likely overblown, researchers say

Study Emphasizes Foreign Investment’s Role in Chinese Economy

China’s challenges and their global risks

China’s Vision for a Regional Trading Block Has its Own Challenges

The Coming War on China review – discomfiting doc exposes US nuclear tactics

Trans-Pacific frenemies: America and China’s long embrace

Communist Party Disciplinarian Chides Members

The grim truth of Chinese factories producing the west’s Christmas toys

Chinese nursing home’s ‘frequent visitor rewards’ shame children into seeing parents

Legal History on Display at the China Court Museum

Long Road to Abolition

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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