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Obrázky oranžových striech a vykopávok. English needed LI.

Cheap fixes to Forbidden City put heritage in peril, grinding massive renovation to halt

A day in the life of a teacher in one of China’s rural cliff-top schools

Behind China and Russia’s ‘Special Relationship’

China to set date to close ivory factories

Hong Kong Is Now a Negative Indicator of Chinese Tourism Imports

China’s pole-dancing team pulls out of global championship after organisers fail to display flag

China launches WTO challenge over dumping fines

America’s F-35 fighter jet vs China’s J-20: which is better, cheaper, stealthier?

Superstitious Chinese investors take a shine to new golden ox statue in Beijing’s financial district

Can China’s quantum radar become even more powerful? Scientists may have found the key

A Tencent Co-Founder Takes On Education Full Time

Big data, meet Big Brother: China invents the digital totalitarian state

China no longer top creditor to the US

Persimmon drying season in a Chinese village

The social cracks in breaking China’s ‘iron rice bowl’

Over 75 Percent of Historic Residences in Beijing Fail Preservation Standards

Church Offers Free Medical Care to Local Villagers

How the Wealthy Avoid Paying Hong Kong Property Tax to Save Millions

Over 1,000 Ancient Tombs Discovered at Construction Site in Tongzhou

Ancient State-level sacrificial site discovered

25 tombs spanning Shang and Ming dynasties unearthed in Guangzhou

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