Decembrové čítanie 5

Posledné tohtoročné vydanie zbierky článkov o Číne. Na záver dokonca pojednanie o európskej histórii, kde sa Čína spomína iba okrajovo. English needed LII.

Čínske idiómy 2: zvieracia inšpirácia (martinamachova)

Wanted: apprentices to learn stonemason’s ancient trade before it’s gone forever

Air pollution in Hebei climbs past lung-busting mark

A Vintage Whine: Beijing’s Bad Air Days

China’s November Reserve Drain

Chinese Authorities Are Burying Their Heads Not in Sand, But in Smog

China’s Dodgy Data: A Rational Response to a Skewed System, Report Says

Postcard from Dandong: Politics and pity on the border of China and North Korea

Warning shot: China seizes an underwater drone and sends a signal to Donald Trump

Appreciate the Disaggregated Dollar

Those who control the past…: What China claims to have invented

Li Guoqing: Who Says China Isn’t a Market Economy?

China’s ‘Social Credit’ System: Turning Big Data Into Mass Surveillance

Christmas in the People’s Daily

China’s ‘glass king’ shatters manufacturing wisdom with move to the US

How Duterte’s hometown is benefiting from China’s island-building expertise

How scientists cracked the puzzle of Beijing’s wintertime smog

How Indonesia’s anti-Chinese fake news problem spun out of control

Seeking more space and fewer people, Beijing’s downtown districts set sights on lower-class residents

Shanghai water supply hit by 100-tonne wave of garbage

Are China’s taxes killing its competitiveness?

Brzezinski: America’s Global Influence Depends On Cooperation With China

Ride-hailing rules in China highlight clash of concerns between central and local governments

Blinged-Out Mobile Not the First Telephone Controversy at the Forbidden City

The legacy of autocratic rule in China

Why Europe Rose And Others Did Not

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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