Marcové čítanie

Niektorí veria, že v Číne vládne meritokracia. English needed LXII.

Peking chce posílit vliv skrze emigranty, apeluje na jejich čínskou krev

Fujian School Bans Foreign Shoes to Halt Students’ One-Upmanship

Hundreds arrested in China crackdown on ‘underground banks’

‘Plastic’ seaweed? Chinese producers lose millions after rumours spread through viral video

Documentary Shows Tide Turn Against Labor Activism

Peking hledá cestu na Tchaj-wan

The Simplicity of Chinese Economic Problems

Minitrue: “Voiceprint Analysis Can Recognize Swindlers”

Thousands of bike-sharing scheme cycles seized in Shanghai

Veĺký čínsky múr, sekcia Mutianyu (milankucerka)

Beijingers exercise collective ownership of public toilet paper

Scores of couples divorce to get better compensation in Chinese village awaiting demolition

Gathering of the Week: Stupid Sessions

China congress: BBC team forced to sign confession

Fleshing out the past: ancient Chinese skulls offer strong evidence that Neanderthals reached East Asia

The real story of how China took over the world of metals

Zhang Weiwei: In China, Unlike Trump’s America, Political Legitimacy Is Built On Competence And Experience

The Rasping on the Radio

Chinese delegate claims ‘illegal’ African migrants pose dangers to city and residents

More wealth, less health: The changes fuelling China’s drug industry boom

Beijing throws weight behind ambitious ‘Greater Bay Area’ plan for HK and southern China

China signals change of course on long-standing yuan policy

China to simplify tax rules to shore up the economy

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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