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Hľadá sa šéf najväčšieho teleskopu. English needed LXXXIII.

How China’s biggest bank became ensnared in a sprawling money laundering probe

Číně chybí turisté. Peking kvůli vízové politice přichází o miliardy

Amid crackdown on foreign shows, China’s youth flock to Bilibili with their own content

Liaoning worst performer as China’s northeast lags behind country’s economic growth

China’s environment watchdog reads riot act to megacity over litany of pollution failures

Beijing claims win against ‘irrational’ outbound cash, stopping ‘crocodiles’ and ‘ants’ in their tracks

Confusion lingers over proposals for Filipino domestic helpers entering China

BitCoin v Číně: Jak se žije v kryptodole

‘It’s all for China’s benefit’, why Pakistani traders fear the Friendship Highway runs one way

China’s newest trend: mini karaoke booths at shopping malls

Border row: China makes fleshed-out stand ‘in push to end’ Himalayan stand-off with India

Distractions over, Beijing revives its global currency ambitions

Chinese fraudsters’ latest way to scam victims – carrier pigeon

China is offering over a million dollars for a foreigner to run the world’s largest telescope, so why is nobody applying?

Rogue chatbots deleted in China after questioning Communist Party

Turkey vows to root out militants plotting against China

Is the Manchurian Recession over?

Anti-dumping: China tries to keep foreign rubbish out

Chinese navy helps US hunt for missing marine in disputed seas

China sets out rules to govern booming bike-sharing industry

Five Days After His Essay Went Viral, Chinese Author Apologizes for ‘Imprecise’ Writing on Beijing’s Economic Boom

Wolf Warrior 2: The nationalist action film storming China

Foreign diplomats blocked by security guards at home of Liu Xiaobo’s widow

Legal robots deployed in China to help decide thousands of cases

How Mao and Khrushchev fought over China-India border dispute

Internet Control of the Week: One-key Shutdown

Chinese tourists are everywhere, but why are foreign visitors shunning China?

A Stark Choice for Cairo’s Chinese Muslims

The Chinese national anthem has had a long relationship with America

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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