Augustové čítanie 3

Hneď v prvom odkaze sa spomína aj Slovensko. English needed LXXXV.

Michael Pettis on current accounts and the Chinese economy (Alphachat transcript)

Why China Can’t Free the Yuan

Will centralizing power solve China’s economic problems, or worsen them?

As Venezuela implodes, so do the dreams of thousands of fleeing Chinese

Returnees from Venezuela eager to leave China again

Chinese man treats thousands to free meal after shop returns his lost US$45,000 diamond ring

The guilty secret: Chinese crime writer arrested for four cold-case murders

Hong Kong Democrat Detained Over Torture Claims

China bans weird and long company names

China to exclude some scrap metals from waste import ban

Hundreds of firefighters tackle oil refinery blaze in northern China

Dynastic equilibrium: China modernises its monetary policy

Making history: The Communist Party is redefining what it means to be Chinese

Business losing out as Chinese officials strive to appear squeaky clean

China pips US in race to start the world’s first meltdown-proof nuclear power plant

How a luxury Hong Kong home was used as cover in deal for China’s first aircraft carrier

Academic Journal Acquiesces to Chinese Government Demands to Censor Articles

Archaeologists discover story of China’s ancient military might carved in cliff face

Cambridge University Publisher Removes 300 Academic Articles for the China Market

How Chinese tourists are teaching the country’s top colleges about crowd control

China’s solar panel vendors shine a spotlight on trade ties to North Korea

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