Septembrové čítanie

Dnes mimoriadne aj z Vietnamu. English needed LXXXVI.

V Číně vypuklo úvěrové šílenství. Lidé si půjčují na bydlení i mobily

China, Like U.S., Struggles to Revive Industrial Heartland

China bought a third of the world’s robots last year

Akupunktúra vo svetle dôkazov

Sinocism China Newsletter Another DPRK Missile; Fiscal Stimulus; Innovation; The United Front Down Under- Sinocism 08.30.17

Here’s how China’s ageing will narrow income gaps in West

Over-sharing? Chinese city moves to ban scheme to rent out baby strollers after just two days

Cambridge University Press reverses China censorship move

Why tradition of ‘walking marriages’ may be running out of time in China’s remote southwest

Cheap electricity made China the king of bitcoin mining. The government’s stepping in.

Fears over China’s push to extend Communist Party’s reach inside foreign firms

Debt-ridden Chinese city does U-turn on scrapping loan guarantees

Banyan: In China’s war on graft, television is a double-edged sword

Half the sky: Are men more irrationally exuberant than women?

Publish and be damned: Cambridge University Press battles censorship in China

For Xi shall reign forever and ever: In China, singing Handel’s “Messiah” is forbidden in public

‘China’s biggest problem’ – huge numbers dropping out of school

Chinese users posting comments online must register real names

Chinese Police Arrested a Man for Complaining About Hospital Food. Netizens Say It’s Police Abuse.

China to shut 6,000 non-coal mines by 2020 to improve safety

‘I hope you’re ready to get married’: in search of Vietnam’s kidnapped brides

Beijing’s traditional courtyard homes to get modern amenities

Beijing’s grand plan for electric cars: looks good, but under the bonnet …

Pet-friendly Chinese acupuncturist gets tails wagging again

India withdraws troops from disputed border zone, China says

Should hukou system reform focus on rural land rights?

Leading economists at odds over how to turn around Chinese rust belt’s fortunes

American strip malls are coming to Beijing, as urban sprawl expands to outer suburbs

China ‘halts road building’ to end India border stand-off

China web users debate new rules on online identity

Family graveyard of ‘China’s Shakespeare’ rediscovered

China rust belt banks ‘at centre’ of murky world of shadow banking

The hunt for Red October: how the Bolshevik Revolution turned into a Chinese tourist trap

Scarred landscapes, piles of rubble and polluted waters… how illegal mining left a trail of devastation across a Chinese nature reserve

Rural life live-stream an online hit for young Chinese farmer

The Evolution of China’s Great Firewall: 21 Years of Censorship

Health care with Chinese characteristics: Why China’s traditional medicine boom is dangerous

Macau Journalists Told to Write More Positive Stories in Wake of Deadly Typhoon

The Complicated Morality of a Mixed Martial Arts Fight Club for Impoverished Chinese Boys

My guide to the debate raging over China’s Northeast rust belt

Why China is still in the slow lane when it comes to making money from sport

Chinese police investigate official for ‘flooding village to build illegal dam’

Ghost cities haunt stability dream in China’s far west

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