Septembrové čítanie 2

Novinka vo výskume akupunktúry. English needed LXXXVII.

Is China’s Economy Growing as Fast as China’s GDP?

Koľko si zarobí supermarketový troll

The underground trade cashing in on China’s demand for foreign domestic helpers

Man jailed for selling VPNs to evade China’s ‘Great Firewall’

Student face and voice scans the new keys to Chinese university dorms

A retreat has no ‘Chinese values’ – Dunkirk movie comes under fire in China

Smugglers caught because they got their Chinese characters the wrong way round

Cryptocurrency boom stalls as regulators focus on ICOs

Bitcoin price drops 20pc in three days

Professor Glen Dudbridge, world-renowned sinologist who explored how ordinary Chinese lived – obituary

Chinese college buys Maserati, Porsche for students to strip them apart

China’s economic growth statistics may finally add up, in 2019

In Quest for ‘Ideological Security’, China Pushes to Extend Communist Party Influence Inside Tech Firms

The internet boom in foreigners teaching China’s children online

China backs its baby formula, but consumers aren’t convinced

Mao Zedong’s grandson among the ‘princelings’ not invited to China’s party congress

Chinese man, 96, who built home around an ancient tree fears for its future

Top 5 priateľských fráz v Číne (martinamachova)

Pains and needles: brain scans point to hidden effects of acupuncture

A turn-up for the books: Despite censorship, China has some cool bookshops

Mainland microbrews: A craft-beer boom with Chinese characteristics

Larung Gar: Od buddhismu k turismu pod vedením Strany

Beijing bans new bikes as sharing schemes cause chaos

First the diploma, then the date: how China’s educated elites find love

Whiff of discontent as China bans imports of soft European cheese

Fancy a well-paying job that requires no prior experience? Cybersecurity in China may be your answer

China’s underground churches head for cover as crackdown closes in

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