Septembrové čítanie 3

Spôsobuje znečistenie viac zabití bleskom? English needed LXXXVIII.

This old Chinese trading port can teach Hong Kong all about silk roads, and about tolerance

One China – One Europe? German Foreign Minister’s Remarks Irk Beijing

The stealth mission that brought down a Chinese police chief

Notorious Shanghai ‘nail house’ in middle of road to be demolished

China’s ‘Bernie Madoff’ jailed for life for huge fundraising fraud

Best Mandarin Chinese Learning Apps that Really Work!

Jak se žije politickým vězňům v Číně

Two reasons why China’s currency doesn’t have more global clout

China plastic demand to rise as foreign waste ban curbs recycling

Chinese city orders 3D printing firms to register with authorities to stop technology being used by criminals

China Makes Chat Group Administrators — i.e. Regular Users — Criminally Liable for Unlawful Messages

Čínští studenti v USA – co teď a co potom

China’s new campaign to instil official historical narrative in Xinjiang

Melting permafrost flows like lava through valley in Tibetan plateau

Traditional medicine courses rolled out in Chinese schools as 12-year-olds learn acupuncture

Schumpeter: A legal vulnerability at the heart of China’s big internet firms

Hongkongers living in mainland China still feel like second class citizens despite new policies

Financial Times o roli CEFC ve východním bloku

Freight train coming: New rail routes between China and Europe will change trade patterns

Authorities investigate ‘improper’ excavation work at tomb of China’s Shakespeare

Migrant workers club together to build a better future for impoverished home village

Security Officials Targeted in Call for U.S. Sanctions

Tensions Diffused: China Willing to Reopen Nathu La Pass to Indian Pilgrims

Is smog breeding storms? China explores rise in lightning deaths

How could a con artist rise to the heart of China’s justice system?

Chinese firm’s stake in Ukraine military aircraft engine maker ‘frozen’

E-commerce to bike shares: How Chinese firms went from copycat to copy that

Lawsuit turns up the heat on China’s food delivery market over tide of waste

Beijing’s unfinished skyscrapers become a magnet for daredevils

Beijing slaps ban on winter construction in bid to improve air quality

China’s Communist Youth League opens Twitter account amid crackdown on internet access

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