Novembrové čítanie 2

Čo ak nájde mimozemšťanov prvá Čína? English needed XCVI.

What Happens If China Makes First Contact?

Čínské století páry jsem o chlup prošvihnul

More than 1,000 apply for one job at China family planning agency

Blast-off for China’s new-generation Beidou-3 satellites to rival GPS

What is China’s ‘magic island-making’ ship?

Opinion: The case for Chinese women to pass on their family name

China going back on pledge to open up market to foreign credit card firms, sources claim

Insulting the National Anthem Is Set to Become Illegal in Hong Kong

Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent initiatives will help China ‘aggressively’ narrow AI gap with US

Chinese officials pay homage to tree planted by Xi Jinping as Communist Party chiefs get in touch with their roots

Čínská špionáž u českých vynálezců

Banyan: South Korea is making up with China, but a sour taste remains

How Beijing and Taipei are teaming up in space to track earthquakes

One in three Chinese banks fails to create economic value, McKinsey report says

‘Empress Dowager, Cixi’ exhibition shows the artistic side of China’s iron-fisted ruler

Surveillance and Silence in China’s Democracy Village

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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