Novembrové čítanie 3

Podzemným vykurovaním k rastu stromov v Tibete. English needed XCVII.

Horkýže Slíže dobyli čínský venkov

This is no Minsky moment: here’s the real reason China’s top central banker is ringing the alarm bell

Want to escape poverty? Replace pictures of Jesus with Xi Jinping, Christian villagers urged

Why Chinese vendors, large and small, are rushing to embrace cashless payments

Firms punished for cutting corners on Chinese high-speed rail line

“Hidden Ruler” Wang Huning Steps Onstage

Centre-local tussles: What a debt crisis in the provinces says about governing China

German firms warn Chinese Communist Party’s drive to gain more control over business operations may drive them away

Český maliar sa inšpiroval v Číne

China wins its war against South Korea’s US THAAD missile shield – without firing a shot

China to transfer state assets to pension funds in drive to make up for shortfalls

Could a legendary kung fu series be a Chinese Game of Thrones? Translator takes martial arts novels on a journey to the West

China’s plan to use solar power to melt permafrost to turn a Tibetan grassland into an artificial forest on the roof of the world

Tomb raider gangs arrested after Chinese police smash ring that stole priceless artefacts from Han dynasty graves

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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