Novembrové čítanie 4

Čo by ste radšej: transplantáciu hlavy alebo transplantáciu tela? English needed XCVIII.

Já, versus šílený čínský otec

S Mel na skútru jsme objevili zapomenuté čínské město

It’s fewer sugary sodas, as health conscious Chinese consumers opt for energy drinks, premium waters

Human head transplant still some way off, Chinese surgeon Ren Xiaoping says

Pollution fight cold comfort for families without heating in northern China

Guaranteed repayment – the wild financial game no Chinese bank can afford to lose

Air China suspends flights between Beijing, Pyongyang

Skype removed from China Apple and Android app stores

Seven held as Chinese police probe US$3bn underground currency racket

Good times may be over for overseas shopping agents as China cuts import tariffs

Signal failure: Border checks at a railway station in Hong Kong spook locals

Human head transplants are not allowed in China, warns senior health official

Minitrue: Don’t Report or Comment on Beijing Kindergarten Abuse

Migrants Evicted in Crackdown After Deadly Fire

Ekonomická diplomacie s čínskými rysy

China’s Charm Offensive in Eastern Europe Challenges EU Cohesion

Let a thousand trees bloom: Chinese officials start drive to give Xi Jinping’s dream city a greener look

Tales from Beijing and Hong Kong show challenge of fighting poverty, especially among working poor

A tissue of falsehoods? Why China’s paper towel makers may be letting down customers

Mike Chinoy varuje: Ztrácíme demokratické hodnoty

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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