Decembrové čítanie 2

Vyrieši dnešné problémy s kúrením v severnej Číne atómová energia? English needed C.

Special Report: Hidden peril awaits China’s banks as property binge fuels mortgage fraud frenzy

Maybe China Can’t Take Over the World

Does halting of subway project mark end of line for China’s infrastructure building boom?

Wages falling for Chinese graduates … apart from these

China closes school ‘teaching women to be obedient’

Natural gas crunch in northern China leaves hospitals, schools out in the cold

Zpráva OSN odsuzuje zacházení se zadržovanými právníky

Poor bear brunt of Beijing coal cleanup with no heating at -6C–6c

China to rein in infrastructure building binge, analysts predict

Peter Parker in Canton

Runaway borrowers the new face of China’s personal credit boom

Minitrue: Don’t Hype Beijing Staff Passport Safekeeping

Five reasons why the consensus reading of China’s 2017 economy was so wrong

Welcome to sex toy street: why a sleepy riverside town in China is rebranding itself as ‘Happy Town’

Tianjin’s 1955 campaign to expel rural migrants

Coal Ban Relaxed, Residents Freeze Amid Gas Shortage

China Inc confounds debt fears as profits strengthen nation’s corporate balance sheets

The gentrification of Beijing: razing of migrant villages spells end of China dream

Chinese authorities promise to protect gas supplies following winter fuel shortages

Chinese local governments accused of faking economic data

China’s ‘tiger mothers’ rebel against punitive homework for parents

Chinese cabby saves suicidal man by getting him drunk

China looks to nuclear option to end winter worries

China Cleans up Its Act on Environmental Enforcement

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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