Decembrové čítanie 4

Vraj existuje niekto zo Štátnej rady, kto vedel, ako sa na TAM zabíjalo, akoby tam priamo bol. English needed CII.

Declassified: Chinese official said at least 10,000 civilians died in 1989 Tiananmen massacre, documents show

Tiananmen Square protest death toll ‘was 10,000’

Hlídat se budeme sami. V Číně vzniká Velký Bratr 21. století

Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?

China’s Class of 1977: I took an exam that changed China

Recycling Chaos In U.S. As China Bans ‘Foreign Waste’

China public executions over drugs alarm web users

Thousands in China watch as 10 people sentenced to death in sport stadium

China’s campaign to cut debt enters new stage, says stock exchange official

China to start making polluters pay to clean up their mess

Why China’s winter fuel crisis is a cold, hard lesson in the law of unintended consequences

Chinese staff made to slap each other on stage at company’s anniversary celebration

Public death sentences for 10 people show China’s desperation

The Story Behind China’s Online Literature Boom

China seeks to rein in overseas investment with 36-point code of conduct for private firms

Self-interest shapes China’s policies toward the international order

China aims to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions through trading scheme

China’s Creditor Imperialism

EU report singles out China as distorted state-run economy; Russia could be next

A Secret Visit and Sino-Tibetan Dialogue

Grab Bag of China Thoughts Before Christmas

Anger at China drives Uygurs to fight alongside al-Qaeda in Syrian war in preparation for revenge

Rozvojová pomoc s čínskými rysy: největším příjemcem Rusko

Is anyone out there? The days when UFO fever gripped China

Zheng He’s Voyages and the Symbolism Behind Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative

Minitrue: Do Not Report Christmas-related News

Chinese scholars sign open letter calling for release of Maoist intellectual

Zebra crossings are so hazardous in China that police are taking action

Sanctions against North Korea take their toll on smugglers operating along Chinese border

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