Augustové čítanie

Je možné aby turisti na jednom mieste denne vyhodili 12 ton odpadkov? English needed CXXXIV.

Google Struggles to Contain Employee Uproar Over China Censorship Plans

Cracks appear in ‘invincible’ Xi Jinping’s authority over China

Pakistan’s Bailout Is Really China’s

Strait ahead: how Beijing is planning world’s longest rail tunnel to link Taiwan to mainland

‘Everyone was silent, endlessly mute’: Former Chinese re-education instructor speaks out

How Tianjin, once China’s fastest-growing region, became its slowest

China’s two big mistakes in trade war may lead the country into middle-income trap

China donates small boats and RPG launchers to Philippines

How a creative Chinese drunk driver tried to evade arrest … and failed

A Chinese bus company’s 200kg, US$12,000 fare-dodging problem

This crazy way people watch videos in China is a whole subculture on its own

The Western Illusion of Chinese Innovation

Coffins smashed, seized, exhumed in China as province bans burials to save land

Life-threatening parasite found in Chinese patients who ate raw centipedes

HRW: China Cracks Down on Tibetan Social Groups

How China’s protectionist vaccine policy has backfired on Beijing

Hordes of tourists damaging Chinese salt lake’s pristine environment with discarded plastic

China’s economy worse than it seems – even before trade war bites

China’s “Toilet Revolution” Shows Us That Politics Still Matters in the Xi Era

Germany’s ‘China City’: how Duisburg became Xi Jinping’s gateway to Europe

Narrow escape for Chinese man and daughter as charging e-scooter explodes at home

High-ranking Chinese monk accused of sexually harassing nuns

China wants free-trade talks with Norway to be accelerated

Čína IV – z Kantonu do Vnútorného Mongolska (benedik)

China’s social media users call for sacking of ‘triumphalist’ academic, as anti-hype movement grows

Chinese dissident in his 80s arrested at home during live TV interview

Google May Acquiesce to Chinese Censorship

Vietnam denies giving Taiwanese firm approval to fly island’s flag to distance itself from anti-Chinese sentiment

Chinese amputee food courier delivers 60 meals a day to pay for prosthetic leg

Chinese village caps betrothal gifts at US$2,900 so that ‘leftover men’ can afford to get married

City of Devils: A Shanghai Noir

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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