Augustové čítanie 3

Ako ďalej s čínskymi dlhmi? English needed CXXXVI.

China Pushes Reverse Mortgages to Pay for Pensions

Soviet Collapse Echoes in China’s Belt and Road

From laboratory in far west, China’s surveillance state spreads quietly

Tencent Slump Shows What Happens When Beijing Flips the Switch

Xian in grip of housing boom after aggressive growth plan brings in hundreds of thousands of new residents

China’s top television stars have wages capped at US$7.25 million per season

Why China cannot rely on consumers to spend their way out of the trade war

State-run paper defends stepping up of security operations in China’s troubled Xinjiang region

Jackie Chan criticised online for giving 50,000 copies of his autobiography to disability charity

China rejects United Nations panel’s allegations that 1 million Uygurs are being held in camps

China lets Swedish doctor see detained bookseller Gui Minhai seven months after his arrest

Ako mi čínska vláda zamurovala suseda (paveldvorak)

Russia offers 2.5 million acres of land to Chinese farmers, but will it ease Beijing’s soybean shortage?

Low-hanging fruit and a mountain of debt – how China’s credit binge is playing out

Chinese monk accused of sexual harassment resigns as chairman of Buddhist Association of China

Mosque Demolition Protest Ends with Compromise

How WeChat became China’s everyday mobile app

China’s finance ministry goes back to old playbook with move to spur bond sales

A new Comintern for the New Era: The CCP International Department from Bucharest to Reykjavík

Scientists conquer the ‘Mount Everest of genetics’ after unlocking secrets of wheat genome

Redcore CEO admits ‘100pc China-developed browser’ is built on Google’s Chrome, says writing code from scratch would ‘take many years’

China’s ‘post-millennial’ generation is different. Here’s how

China regulator orders bailout of peer-to-peer lenders by managers of distressed assets

Macro Outlook: Steady As She Goes on Deleveraging

Why young Chinese women won’t be rushed into marriage

Back to the future: hop on board the ‘flying scooter’ inspired by a Chinese legend

Why new Japanese anime series Cells At Work! is a big hit in China (it’s in the science)

Why your next flight may go via China

Google employees criticise ‘censored China search engine’

Just how big is China’s ‘hidden’ debt pile? Beijing orders local cadres to find out

Medication ‘may be weapon’ in China’s looming battle against obesity-linked high blood pressure

Macau: the incredible poverty at the heart of world’s richest place

Xinjiang and the Stability Paradox

Why the trade war won’t prompt Beijing to dump its US Treasuries

How Xi Jinping is Shaping China’s Universities

Heartaches, headaches and hukou: how China’s bureaucracy tangled people in red tape

Chinese drug firm starts ‘let’s have a baby’ campaign. Angry women say ‘let’s not’

Trial By Invective

Hong Kong and Macau students will face compulsory military training at top mainland Chinese university for first time

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