Augustové čítanie 4

Ďalšíe hromadné vraždenie nožom. English needed CXXXVII.

Doors Slam Shut for China Deals Around the World

Massive P2P Failures in China: Underground Banks Going Under

With Embryo Base Editing, China Gets Another Crispr First

Reflections of a Chinese reporter in foreign media

Who needs democracy when you have data?

The Bitter Regrets of a Useless Chinese Daughter

‘Airpocalypse’ over? Beijing breathes easier as clean air drive pays off, US embassy smog readings suggest

Coffins sold to timber mills in eastern China to be made into furniture after ban on burials

Chinese exporters hit by trade war to get help as Beijing orders banks to lend more

Čínští hackeři “pomohli” Kambodže s volbami

Ideology and geopolitics: Chinese reaction to the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia

Is China Increasing Its Military Presence in Syria?

El Salvador Severs Ties with Taiwan

Suspect arrested over stabbing rampage that leaves six dead and 12 wounded in southern China

Beijing’s lessors cave in to public pressure, adding more flats for leasing as home rents rise

Čína V – O Mongoloch v Číne (benedik)

Reunited at last: The friends who escaped China’s Cultural Revolution

Chinese passenger suffers public shaming for ‘crime’ of taking someone else’s seat on a half-empty train

Is China an open economy? Beijing says it is but IMF differs

Student activists disappear after police raid as China clamps down on labour movement

“No One Can Resist the Tides of History”: Detained Activist Yue Xin on the Jasic Workers

Remaking History as Reform Anniversary Approaches

Didi rocked by second passenger killing in three months despite additional security measures

Will Chinese political adviser Hui Wing-mau’s summer tour to Xian make Hong Kong teens patriotic?

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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