Septembrové čítanie 3

Ďalší smrtiaci útok blázna, tentoraz autom. English needed CXL.

China’s Belt and Road Is Full Of Holes

Why do people in China give so little to charity?

How China’s plan to develop rental housing backfired

China’s New History Textbook: Mao’s Cultural Revolution No Longer a Mistake

It’s not just the US: around the world, doors are shutting on Chinese investment

China bans one of Beijing’s biggest underground Protestant churches

Nemáme peniaze ochorieť (paveldvorak)

Suspect in deadly car attack on Chinese town square ‘wanted to take revenge on society’

Chinese kindergarten asks children how much their homes cost

How 1980 Laid the Groundwork for China’s Major Foreign Policy Challenges

China claims Muslim detention camps are education centres

The Sindhis of Shanghai: how an Indian diaspora cracked China

What is Chinese hotpot and where does it come from? The questions that boiled over into a national controversy

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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