Septembrové čítanie 5

Komunisti proti marxistom, nárast HIV a najviac nanič patentov. A kradnutie mŕtvol medzi okresmi. English needed CXLII.

Paul Haenle on North Korea, Taiwan, U.S.-China relations, and more

The ties that bind: Filipinos rediscover their roots in China

Axios China: U.S.-China’s growing schism — Xi calls for self-reliance — China’s fentanyl

Is China’s infrastructure boom past its peak?

China’s high-speed rail network gains a controversial extension

Na vysokou školu s kufrem a maminkou. Číňané vodí za ruku i dospělé děti

Zapomenutý český Marco Polo. Středověký mnich došel až do Indie a Číny

An African enclave in China shows the limits of Chinese openness

Officials in Beijing worry about Marx-loving students

China Claims More Patents Than Any Country—Most Are Worthless

Officials in China use strong-arm tactics to curb burials

China has silenced American academics for years. Now they’re pushing back.

Why China’s elite athletes soar internationally as its schoolkids plod at home

How tensions with the West are putting the future of China’s Skynet mass surveillance system at stake

Fentanyl crisis: Is China a major source of illegal drugs?

Veselil som sa na čínskom pohrebe (paveldvorak)

Minitrue: Do Not Report Hotelier’s Death by Torture

Meet the 8 Chinese judges who’ll sit on belt and road cases

Woman under fire in China’s latest ‘seat robber’ saga on train

Hong Kong Bans Pro-independence Party

How a global payment system cashes in on the yuan’s increased use – learn Chinese

China steps up green energy push with revised renewable target of 35 per cent by 2030

A cashless supermarket, a bunch of grapes and the growing digital divide in China’s economy

China coal power building boom sparks climate warning

Why foreign students along the belt and road are jostling to enrol in China’s universities

Poor Chinese student meets mystery sponsor thanks to online payment glitch

A hint about the future of leverage in China

How a Chinese rocket scientist’s resignation started a nation talking about its poorly paid talents

Chinese military warns against forged data and plagiarism in science and technology research

The China Tariff Mess

Traditional Chinese medicine closes in on US$50 billion market with long-awaited nod from WHO

Islamic World Mounts Protests Against Xinjiang Crisis

China’s twofold CPEC strategy in Pakistan

Slam dunk success: Meet the Shanghai barber who’s a huge hit with the basketball stars of the NBA

China’s heavy polluters warned not to flout winter smog plan

From Slovakia to South Korea, five places that have paid the price for displeasing China

Chinese complain as foreigners get free entry to Jiangxi’s top tourist sites

A novelist’s view of China’s rise, from 1983

The delicate ‘sissy man’ look isn’t new – it’s been flaunted for centuries by some celebrated Chinese figures

Number of Chinese HIV and Aids patients rise by 14 per cent

China’s Aids orphans charity a better investment for the banker who turned his back on Wall Street

Small Chinese firms seek ‘lessons in survival’ as they brace for impact of social welfare taxes

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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