Novembrové čítanie 3

U nás koniec prvej svetovej, v Číne deň rekordných predajov na internete. English needed CXLVIII.

Ep. 27: Poking at the Hornet’s Nest: Fake Reviews in China Tech

What China’s Online Shopping Craze Says About Its Bubble Economy

China wants a new world order. At the U.N., NGOs secretly paid cash to promote Beijing’s vision.

Chinese province targets school bullies with tough penalties

When Trade Wars Turned Bloody: The Opium War with Stephen Platt

Coal: a Burning Legacy

China property: if they tell you it’s a bear market, it’s bull

Shanghai’s jailed top prosecutor ‘implicates 100 other officials in corruption case’

Chinese parents lament losing sleep over children’s homework

China delays end to ban on use of rhino horn and tiger bones

Locked in a trade war, China and United States try to rally support in Asia

China’s bankers grapple with new credit rules to private borrowers as officials sow confusion with flip-flopping policies

Forget fake goods – fake shopping apps plagued China’s Singles’ Day

China and Russia suspected of hijacking Google internet traffic in ‘war game experiment’

‘Winter has come’: Chinese social media stunned as nearly 10,000 accounts shut down

China’s new inconvenient truth: how much lottery money corrupt officials stole

Campus uproar as Chinese university bans food deliveries to boost health

Northern China’s clean air targets get lost in the smog of the trade war

Marx or market? Chinese scholar raises the question all private business owners want to ask

TikTok videos reunite Chinese wanderer with his family 600km away after eight years missing

Stane sa z Buddhu Šákjamuniho komunista a Číňan?

China pledges more support for private firms investing abroad, 12 months after clipping their wings

Western envoys seek meeting with Xinjiang Communist Party chief over Uygur rights concerns

China chemical spill: 7 arrested as fishermen wait for news on compensation

China demands detailed user data from tech businesses in latest crackdown on dissent

The toxic business of ‘recycling’ China’s electric car batteries leads to illegal dumping, pollution and poisoned water

Dozens of first-graders suffer serious burns and eye damage after exposure to UV light for nine hours

Shadow banking, P2P lending, and pyramid schemes: Lucy Hornby on China’s gray economy

China orders banks to ‘improve political positioning’ and boost lending after October financial data disappoints

Chinese university’s plan to screen students’ phones, tablets slammed by state media

Minitrue: No Live Broadcast of Golden Horse Awards

Zozbieral: Tibor Blažko

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