Marcové čítanie 5

Transplantácia ľudskej hlavy by sa mohla stať prvý krát v Číne. English needed CLXVI.

Telefóny Nokia 7 Plus posielali citlivé údaje do Číny

China’s migrant worker exodus has created demand for drone pilots to help ageing left-behind farmers

Chinese city shreds 29,000 maps showing Taiwan as a country

The man who mistook his bottle of pesticide for shampoo in China Čítať ďalej

Marcové čítanie 4

Takmer tretina čínskych miest sa zmenšuje. English needed CLXV.

Ren, M, L G Branstetter, B K Kovak, D E Armanios and J Yuan (2019). “Why has China overinvested in coal power?”, NBER Working Paper 25437.

China’s breakthrough malaria cure

Smart toilet seats sold online in China found to be substandard, with electric shock risk

China says it has arrested 13,000 ‘terrorists’ in Xinjiang as it seeks to justify internment camps for Muslims Čítať ďalej

Marcové čítanie 3

Televízna relácia o právach zákazníkov tentoraz nezvozila zahraničné firmy. English needed CLXIV.

EU demands tougher action against ‘systemic rival’ China

Disillusioned Bureaucrats Are Fleeing China’s Ministries

Food delivered to the doorstep is not so cheap in China anymore

Činština v 21. storoči – nekonečny proces dizajnovania pisma Čítať ďalej

Marcové čítanie 2

Aj finančná šéfka Huawei používa iPad a ochrana polohou opätovným zatvorením Tibetu. English needed CLXIII.

China’s foreign investment law will apply to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Canadians Accused of Spying as Meng Sues Ottawa

Beijing vows to upgrade country’s manufacturing in ‘two sessions’ conference – but makes no mention of ‘Made in China 2025’ for first time in three years

China says Tibet access is restricted because some foreigners get altitude sickness Čítať ďalej

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Oživenie čínskych akcií. English needed CLXII.

‘There’s No Money Right Now’: China’s Building Boom Runs Into a Great Wall of Debt

Chinese protesters blame fracking for earthquakes that killed two people in Sichuan

Matteo Ricci and the Ming Dynasty

Popular Chinese handheld devices to measure formaldehyde fail tests Čítať ďalej