Marcové čítanie 4

Takmer tretina čínskych miest sa zmenšuje. English needed CLXV.

Ren, M, L G Branstetter, B K Kovak, D E Armanios and J Yuan (2019). “Why has China overinvested in coal power?”, NBER Working Paper 25437.

China’s breakthrough malaria cure

Smart toilet seats sold online in China found to be substandard, with electric shock risk

China says it has arrested 13,000 ‘terrorists’ in Xinjiang as it seeks to justify internment camps for Muslims

Cash-strapped Chinese regions seek support from Beijing to meet costs of environmental clean-up

China’s primary school students to learn how to avoid stock market pitfalls

Chinese teachers detained and demoted for playing mahjong at home

China’s ‘human abacuses’ get their sums right and beat mental agility challenge on national TV

Almost one-third of Chinese cities are shrinking, but urban planners told to keep building

Next Dalai Lama could come from India, exiled spiritual leader says as he warns that successor chosen by China won’t be trusted

Chinese goths post selfies in protest after subway incident

Student reveals details of selling her eggs on China’s black market to repay US$9,000 debt

Forget avocado toast: this vegetable is the taste of financial ‘freedom’ in China

Even China’s ‘Model’ Uyghurs Aren’t Safe

China’s ‘unprecedented and sufficient’ tax cut still does not do enough for small manufacturers, owners say

China’s first-home buyers, desperate to get on the property ladder, are hoodwinked into signing away their recourse rights

Wuhan University creates cherry blossom filter to stop selfie tourists damaging trees

Chinese blogger starts online row after describing learning English as a waste of time

Chinese head teachers ordered to eat with pupils after string of food safety scandals

China invites European diplomats to visit Xinjiang as backlash grows over Muslim camps

Chinese firms may face barriers to winning Europe’s public contracts as leaders call for new law

China’s air quality worsens as national PM2.5 level rises 5.2pc in January and February

Confucius-quoting Shanghai tramp becomes online celebrity … then tells well-wishers to go away and read more books

China, the U.S., and Kenya

Explosions and landslides – the worst industrial accidents in China since 2014

China’s bids to improve food safety and welfare for its people are just empty words – until the leadership has skin in the game

‘I knew it was a time bomb’: China chemical plant blast was not the first at industrial park

Compliments to the chef: the Chinese social media group that’s full of praise

‘Himalayan Viagra’ the focus of China’s latest anti-corruption campaign

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