Decembrové čítanie 5

Nákaza od výrobcu vakcín. Uhliu sa opäť darí. English needed.

China beware, the road to an open economy is paved with Asian casualties

Sonny Bill Williams: Rugby star latest to criticise China over Uighurs

Taiwan and Hong Kong trade insults over robbery suspect in extradition row

Students and teachers targeted in new Chinese rules to stamp out spying

Hong Kong and China mainland gamers clash on GTA V

In Hong Kong, local entrepreneurs champion the pro-democracy cause

What’s in a name? A history lesson in the case of China’s new aircraft carrier the Shandong

Chinese prison in Tesco scandal offers ‘re-education’, and served pizza at Christmas, its boss says

Za nový účet dajú kus mäsa. Čínske banky lákajú klientov netradičnou akciou

Zdeněk Hřib píše ve Washington Post o čínském vydírání

Short video app Kuaishou to give out record 1 billion yuan in digital red packets at 2020 Spring Festival Gala

The bakery in a mental health hospital

Unread China set to abolish forced labour detention system for sex workers

Nursing homes win over Shanghai feng shui nimbys with baking lessons

Inside China’s child pop star factory

Traditional Chinese medicine body revokes CSR awards to scandal-hit pharma firms

200 Chinese academics caught brucella virus from vaccine factory’s pollution, investigators say

Pilot shortages could ground China’s plans to develop combat-ready carrier fleet

‘Get out, China’: Indonesian Muslims march to protest treatment of Uygurs

China’s coal production on the rise, along with reports of mining accidents

China tries to quell doubts about growth figures with new measures to stop local officials inflating statistics

Inside the Chinese jail behind the Christmas card scandal

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