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Rozumejú v Ázii falšovaniu umeleckých diel? English needed CXIV.

Chinese students take a nibble at online food delivery market

Returning migrants: the Chinese economy’s next great hope?

Foto’s en beelden van Xupu Women Worship Mazu In Quanzhou

Beijing wakes to a light dusting of snow as weather bureau steps in Čítať ďalej


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Čo robí mama v škôlke? Učí sa písať. English needed CXIII.

Why fun is well and truly over for Hong Kong delegates attending ‘two sessions’ in Beijing

V černé díře systému

China Product Defects, Lawsuits, Hostage Taking and Exit Ban: Please, Please, Please Read This!

Takhle to bude jednou všude? Čína zakázala milionům svých občanů koupit si letenku Čítať ďalej

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Vyzerá, že predpovede o čínskom prezidentovi majú pravdu. English needed CXII.

China official in hospital after catching falling girl

Tough warning to Hong Kong given by top Chinese leader who urges recognition of Beijing’s sovereignty

Lawyers Warned Against Speaking Out on Amendments

What old Silk Road’s terminus, Quanzhou, tells us about new one, Xi Jinping’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Čítať ďalej

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Čo riešia čínske vojové lode v Indickom oceáne? English needed CXI.

China to impose annual fishing ban in Yellow River

As the Year of the Dog begins, why are Pekingese so rare in Beijing?

China’s Race Against History

Beijing trials pay-per-ride scheme for lift passengers Čítať ďalej

Februárové čítanie 3

Oheň na dialnici aj v tibetskom chráme. English needed CX.

Don’t look to China for an example of Catholic social teaching

Jhaishan Tunnel

Journey to the waste: has the West learned its lesson from China’s plastic ban?

China is in a muddle over population policy Čítať ďalej

Februárové čítanie 2

Čínsky Everest je nižší. English needed CIX.

The Breakneck Rise of China’s Colossus of Electric-Car Batteries

Unearthing the Islamic Relics of China’s Medieval Port City

16+1: Failed Dreams or Failed Economics?

Bank works overtime to save most of elderly couple’s US$4,750 life savings after house fire Čítať ďalej

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Solárne panely inštalované na ceste vlastne neukradli. English needed CVIII.

The Breakneck Rise of China’s Colossus of Electric-Car Batteries

How WeChat came to rule China

Obětí čínské války s chudobou jsou hlavně chudí. Stát je žene do měst

Revisiting Chinese Data (sigh) Čítať ďalej