Augustové čítanie

Internetové firmy, dajte peniaze do štátnych podnikov. English needed CLXXXII.

How much of China’s foreign exchange reserves are in US dollars?

Yet another tense and violent weekend puts Hong Kong on edge

ICBC and others buy 17.3pc state in troubled Bank of Jinzhou

Internet Publisher Huang Qi Sentenced to 12 Years for “Leaking State Secrets” Čítať ďalej


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Čo tak riešiť Hongkong čínskou armádou? English needed CLXXXII.

Hong Kong anti-extradition protests evolve into district-level demonstrations

Migrant workers forced out as one of Shenzhen’s last ‘urban villages’ faces wrecking ball

Chinese tech shares leap up to 500% as Nasdaq-style market launches

County to punish ‘unfilial behaviour holding back anti-poverty drive’ Čítať ďalej

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Koľko je ľudí v Číne? English needed CLXXXI.

Nomads and Their Inner World

Who Needs Religion? Buddhists Pressured to Be More Political

A Radical Realist View of Tibetan Buddhism at the Rubin

China’s greenhouse gas emissions soar 53 per cent in a decade, data shows Čítať ďalej

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Čínsky automobilový trh klesol aj stúpol. English needed CLXXX.

Thousands of Chinese flock to South Korea for easier and quicker driving licences

Chinese idea to lower legal marriage age to 18 is ridiculed

Etiquette classes in Shanghai – in pictures

Champagne toasts and protests on HK anniversary Čítať ďalej

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Kamery v čínskych hotelových izbách. English needed CLXXIX.

Does Apple’s boss have a Plan B in China?

All quiet on the Eastern front: Chinese investments in Central Europe are still marginal

Chinese builders held as toll in Cambodia building collapse rises to 24

Chinese woman drops in on work colleagues – from a height of 300 metres Čítať ďalej

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Ako sa darí teniskám v Číne. English needed CLXXVIII.

Ako si antika predstavovala svet?

North Korean defectors targeted by Chinese authorities in crackdown on ‘underground railroad’

Samsung to close its last smartphone factory in China

“Step down, Carrie Lam!” Two million rise up once more against the Hong Kong extradition bill Čítať ďalej

Júnové čítanie 3

Protesty v Honkongu. English needed CLXXVII.

Once again, China’s richest region is pulling ahead of the others

Čína, ta Čína… Čí je to vina

For children of Chinese elite, balancing the books is all about etiquette and manners

Chinese Communist Party chief in Inner Mongolia’s capital becomes latest ‘tiger’ snared in corruption crackdown Čítať ďalej