Novembrové čítanie 2

Falošné mäso nie je moderný vynález. English needed CXCV.

China approves Oligomannate, world’s first new Alzheimer’s drug in 20 years and it is based on seaweed

Good times may soon be over for China’s banks as interest margins are squeezed in the fourth quarter by rising competition for deposits

China’s 5G mobile service debuts to lack of applause from customers

Chinese man sues wildlife park over use of facial recognition system Čítať ďalej

Októbrové čítanie 4

Úvery v Číne už len do 36 percent. English needed CXCIII.

Professor of Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley – Stuart Russell

China doubles infrastructure approvals to stave off economic slowdown

China’s football fans ask what it takes to become Chinese

More Chinese are home schooling their kids Čítať ďalej

Októbrové čítanie 3

Čo vedia Číňania o protestoch v Honkongu. English needed CXCII.

Xinjiang crisis: Not a matter of politics, but of being human

The Eastern Jesus

Hong Kong protesters use new flashmob strategy to avoid arrest

Going, going, still no takers?China’s small, indebted local banks fail to attract buyers at auction, even at half price Čítať ďalej

Októbrové čítanie 2

South park sa rozhádal s Čínou, a iní tiež, aj Praha. English needed CXCI.

Ako sa technologické firmy lámu pod tlakom Číny

Are Chinese consumers spending less? Rising instant noodle sales revive debate

Hong Kong protests: first charges brought under laws banning face masks

How Chinese gangs are scamming Japan’s Olympics ticketing system for major profits Čítať ďalej

Októbrové čítanie

Mobilný operátor v Číne potrebuje vašu tvár. English needed CXC.

The history of opium

Why China is the perfect place for cloud gaming to succeed

Čína inštaluje návštevníkom sledovaciu aplikáciu. Jej kópia sa dostala k odborníkom

Views of China’s Development Model in CEE? Wrong Question Čítať ďalej

Septembrové čítanie 5

Ešte viac štátostrany do súkromných firiem. English needed CLXXXIX.

Why Maoism, rather than democracy, worries Beijing

The emotional costs of polluted skies tallied in China study

Chinese court’s WeChat ads offer cash to snitch on indebted friends, relatives

Footage shows hundreds of blindfolded and shackled prisoners in China Čítať ďalej

Septembrové čítanie 3

Po rokoch ďalší kopec pomaľovaný na zeleno. English needed CLXXXVII.

China’s current account shrinks, but for how long?

China exports fall in August as US trade war bites

Sharper Eyes: Surveilling the Surveillers (Part 1)

Sea goddess Mazu lets train take the strain on tour of eastern China Čítať ďalej