Marcové čítanie 3

Televízna relácia o právach zákazníkov tentoraz nezvozila zahraničné firmy. English needed CXLXIII.

EU demands tougher action against ‘systemic rival’ China

Disillusioned Bureaucrats Are Fleeing China’s Ministries

Food delivered to the doorstep is not so cheap in China anymore

Činština v 21. storoči – nekonečny proces dizajnovania pisma Čítať ďalej


Marcové čítanie

Oživenie čínskych akcií. English needed CXLXI.

‘There’s No Money Right Now’: China’s Building Boom Runs Into a Great Wall of Debt

Chinese protesters blame fracking for earthquakes that killed two people in Sichuan

Matteo Ricci and the Ming Dynasty

Popular Chinese handheld devices to measure formaldehyde fail tests Čítať ďalej

Februárové čítanie 3

Čína opäť brzdí obchodovanie s valutami. English needed CXLIX.

China’s Privacy Conundrum

Chinese company leaves Muslim-tracking facial recognition database exposed online

Workers’ Activism Rises as China’s Economy Slows. Xi Aims to Rein Them In.

China joins global central bank gold rush as foreign exchange reserves stabilise Čítať ďalej

Februárové čítanie 2

Niektoré čínske deti študujú aj cez prázdniny. English needed CXLXVIII.

The Chinese were white – until white men called them yellow

How the Forbidden City’s treasures ended up divided between Beijing and Taipei

Is China’s corruption-busting AI system ‘Zero Trust’ being turned off for being too efficient?

China’s Slowdown Is Starting to Hit Where It Hurts: Employment Čítať ďalej

Februárové čítanie

Na čo sa dá čakať v rušných uliciach Pekingu? English needed CXLXVII.

China’s Banks Are Desperate for Capital

China’s Latest Official GDP Report Is Accurate. No, Really

To understand why China’s looking so ugly, you’ve got to look at what happened to Chinese consumers

Why languages and dialects really are different animals Čítať ďalej

Januárové čítanie 4

Ak čínska firma ponúka voľný čas na randenie len pre ženy, s kým sa vtedy majú stretať? English needed CXLXVI.

Ráj na zemi: vzestup a pád socialismu (3/3) – Zhroucení

Who’s Really Behind the World’s Most Popular Free VPNs?

Forget the Trade War. China Is Already in Crisis

As China’s debt soars, the market for buying bad loans revs up Čítať ďalej

Januárové čítanie 3

Zničiť si zdravie pri jóge. English needed CXLXV.

Why 1984 Isn’t Banned in China

Greece faces €200M fine for failing to stop Chinese fraud network

What Is GDP in China?

‘Smartphone zombie’ fine cheered on Chinese social media Čítať ďalej