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Čína investuje do nukleárnej fúzie a ďalšie English needed L s jednou češtinou.

China’s Approach to the Middle East Looks Familiar

Prone to Abuse: Rights Report Criticizes China’s Secret Investigations

Traditional Chinese medicine is China’s latest ‘soft power’ weapon

China falls from top in global education ranking after Beijing, Guangdong added to survey Čítať ďalej

Decembrové čítanie

Kúpa auta za drobné a všeličo iné o Číne. English needed XLVIII s jednou slovenčinou.

$100bn Chinese-made city near Singapore ‘scares the hell out of everybody’

Writing China: Madeleine Thien, ‘Do Not Say We Have Nothing’

China turns blind eye to mainland supporters of ethnic Chinese rebels fighting in Myanmar

Fred Raillard : #FredinChina: Chinese e-shoppers spend billions on Alibaba Single’s Day Čítať ďalej

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English needed XL, ale aj čeština a slovenčina.

Relax, China’s banks aren’t about to have a meltdown

Which Chinese people are more likely to marry foreigners?

New Digital Tools for the History of Medicine and Religion in China

China city blocks sale of tiny ‘pigeon nest’ homes Čítať ďalej

Septembrové čítanie

Česky aj anglicky o Číne. English needed XXXVIII.

In Shanghai, Couples Rush to Divorce to Buy Property Later

How homebuyers are exploiting loopholes to snap up property in top Chinese cities as prices skyrocket

China can revive manufacturing competitiveness by making more cuts to firms’ social security contributions: planning agency

Book Review: The Mercenary Mandarin Čítať ďalej