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Vírus je stále témou, aj keď je snaha presmerovať diskusiu na to, že v Číne je už dobre, len ho zas nedostať od Kórejcov. English needed.

Millions of Chinese workers ordered back to work but infection risk remains high 

Coronavirus did not originate in Wuhan seafood market, scientists say 

Shipping lines face troubled waters as vessels stop sailing for China 

Coronavirus : China’s second worst-hit province Guangdong lowers alert level Čítať ďalej

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Padali hlavy, lebo nerobili to, čo im šéf nepovolil. English needed.

Spreading Revolution from Wuhan, 1911 

Prepichnuté cievy i orgány: Takto vyzerala akupunktúra pred 100 rokmi 

Coronavirus: Chinese province orders relaxation of excessive controls to allow life to return to normal 

China’s tough measures to curb spread of coronavirus force criminal suspects out of hiding Čítať ďalej

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Tradičná čínska akupunktúra ničí rakovinu. Akurát na to potrebuje netradičný elektrický prúd. English needed.

Chinese provinces lower growth targets after central government takes over task of compiling GDP figures 

Chinese theme park’s bungee-jumping pig stunt sparks anger on social media 

How traditional Chinese acupuncture with an electric twist could help fight cancer 

Koncept „dvou staletí“ Čítať ďalej

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Nákaza od výrobcu vakcín. Uhliu sa opäť darí. English needed.

China beware, the road to an open economy is paved with Asian casualties

Sonny Bill Williams: Rugby star latest to criticise China over Uighurs

Taiwan and Hong Kong trade insults over robbery suspect in extradition row

Students and teachers targeted in new Chinese rules to stamp out spying Čítať ďalej

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V zime školy potrebujú čističky vzduchu. English needed CC.

China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment

Chinese library sparks outrage over report staff burned ‘banned books’

China claims detained Uighurs have been freed

Netizen Voices: “Misogyny With Chinese Characteristics on the Diplomatic Stage” Čítať ďalej

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Vraj môžete žiť 120 rokov, treba kupovať novinku tradičnej medicíny. English needed CXCIX.

Chinese ‘serial killer’ caught after spending 20 years on the run

China launches facial recognition for mobile phone users

Chinese judge behind US$270 million business empire sacked, facing prosecution

Chinese factories post fastest growth in three years, but Ireland struggles Čítať ďalej