Septembrové čítanie

Národný budhizmus. English needed CXXXVIII.

Why so many people sleep in McDonald’s in Hong Kong

It’s Chinatown

China Built the World’s Largest Telescope. Then Came the Tourists

China’s Growth Woes Aren’t Going Away Čítať ďalej


Augustové čítanie 2

Čo tak opäť skúsiť vylepšiť čínsky akciový trh? English needed CXXXV.

Ravenous for Meat, China Faces a Climate Quandary

Alibaba and Tencent have become China’s most formidable

China Is Still Sorting Through Its Colorful Bike-Share Graveyards

The U.S. Trade Deficit Isn’t Caused by Low American Savings Čítať ďalej

Augustové čítanie

Je možné aby turisti na jednom mieste denne vyhodili 12 ton odpadkov? English needed CXXXIV.

Google Struggles to Contain Employee Uproar Over China Censorship Plans

Cracks appear in ‘invincible’ Xi Jinping’s authority over China

Pakistan’s Bailout Is Really China’s

Strait ahead: how Beijing is planning world’s longest rail tunnel to link Taiwan to mainland Čítať ďalej

Júlové čítanie 5

Presun učiteľov z dôchodku na vidiek. English needed CXXXIII.

It’s hard to have an unusual name in China

The Latest Hot E-Commerce Idea in China: The Bargain Bin

China needs US$147 billion to clean its urban rivers, environment ministry says

Criminal Arrests in Xinjiang Account for 21% of China’s Total in 2017 Čítať ďalej

Májové čítanie 3

Málokto Čínu chválil. English needed CXXIII.

The Surprising History (and Future) of Fingerprints

What Really Happens in China’s ‘Re-education’ Camps

The Rising Bilateral Deficit with China and the Negotiations Over China 2025

China ups war on waste with prizes for Beijing households sorting their own rubbish and recycling Čítať ďalej

Aprílové čítanie

Ako sa vyrábajú dažde v Tibete. English needed CXVI.

Iranians celebrate Nowruz in southern China

Why borrowers on China’s belt and road will go from euphoria to depression

China needs more water. So it’s building a rain-making network three times the size of Spain

Shanghai U-turn after outcry over revoking residency rights Čítať ďalej

Marcové čítanie 2

Čo robí mama v škôlke? Učí sa písať. English needed CXIII.

Why fun is well and truly over for Hong Kong delegates attending ‘two sessions’ in Beijing

V černé díře systému

China Product Defects, Lawsuits, Hostage Taking and Exit Ban: Please, Please, Please Read This!

Takhle to bude jednou všude? Čína zakázala milionům svých občanů koupit si letenku Čítať ďalej