Augustové čítanie 4

Ďalšíe hromadné vraždenie nožom. English needed CXXXVII.

Doors Slam Shut for China Deals Around the World

Massive P2P Failures in China: Underground Banks Going Under

With Embryo Base Editing, China Gets Another Crispr First

Reflections of a Chinese reporter in foreign media Čítať ďalej


Augustové čítanie

Je možné aby turisti na jednom mieste denne vyhodili 12 ton odpadkov? English needed CXXXIV.

Google Struggles to Contain Employee Uproar Over China Censorship Plans

Cracks appear in ‘invincible’ Xi Jinping’s authority over China

Pakistan’s Bailout Is Really China’s

Strait ahead: how Beijing is planning world’s longest rail tunnel to link Taiwan to mainland Čítať ďalej

Júlové čítanie 2

Sfilmovaný príbeh o liekoch na rakovinu. English needed CXXX.

The consideration by UNESCO of China’s heritage ‘Ancient Quanzhou’ is ‘deferred’

Why Beijing Won’t Be Stimulating the Chinese Economy Anymore

Why China Can’t Fix Its Housing Bubble

How smog affects spending in China Čítať ďalej

Marcové čítanie 4

Odstraňovanie chudoby v Číne. English needed CXV.

Courts & Torts: Driving The Chinese Legal System

Chinese researchers discovered an agricultural miracle that could feed the planet without destroying it

A Chinese Puzzle: Why Economic “Reform” in Xi’s China Has More Meanings than Market Liberalization

Can the Chinese Communist Party Learn from Chinese Emperors? Čítať ďalej

Marcové čítanie

Vyzerá, že predpovede o čínskom prezidentovi majú pravdu. English needed CXII.

China official in hospital after catching falling girl

Tough warning to Hong Kong given by top Chinese leader who urges recognition of Beijing’s sovereignty

Lawyers Warned Against Speaking Out on Amendments

What old Silk Road’s terminus, Quanzhou, tells us about new one, Xi Jinping’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Čítať ďalej

Februárové čítanie 3

Oheň na dialnici aj v tibetskom chráme. English needed CX.

Don’t look to China for an example of Catholic social teaching

Jhaishan Tunnel

Journey to the waste: has the West learned its lesson from China’s plastic ban?

China is in a muddle over population policy Čítať ďalej

Januárové čítanie 2

Prezident povedal vojakom, aby sa nebáli aj zomrieť. On bude hlboko v podzemnom bunkri. English needed CIV.

Party History and What The People Can’t be Told

The memes distracting China in 2017 reflected deep anxieties about haves and have-nots

Chinese, Studying in America, and Struggling

Široký úsměv a příjemný vzhled. Nezkušení Číňané se učí, jak svést ženu Čítať ďalej