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Hodvábne stretnutie aj otáčanie mosta. English needed LXXII.

China’s Silk Road Initiative Sows European Discomfort
After European officials protested the proposed trade language, China released a list of countries it said supported the wording. The list included Portugal, but European officials said Portuguese officials told them they didn’t support the language and hadn’t been consulted. Beijing’s actions appeared to be an attempt to play off individual EU members against the wider bloc, the European officials said.

Can China Afford Its Belt and Road?

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Fuťienské dediny sa po storočiach prestali hádať. English needed LXXI.

Reflections from an unglobalized part of the world

Číňané slaví 1. máj nákupem bitcoinů

The Struggles of Writing About Chinese Food as a Chinese Person

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Ako Slovenka zachránila čínske jelene. English needed LXX.

Puffing across the ‘One Belt, One Road’ rail route to nowhere

Chinese couple build their own tombs … inside their house

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O pudingu pribitom na stene. English needed LXIX.

As India Fast Tracks Its Trains, What It Can Learn From China

Current Fallacies About the Chinese Economy Part I

„Dvojí vedení“: Čína jako vůdce “nového světového pořádku”

Ren Zhiqiang has an acerbic take on Xi Jinping’s urban planning Čítať ďalej

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Ako hnevať susedov, ktorí hnevajú vás. English needed LXVIII.

“Xunpu” women seen in Quanzhou City, China’s Fujian

How attractive analysts make better stock calls

Wen and now: China’s economy is still ‘unsustainable’

Whistle-blowers wanted: Beijingers urged to report foreign spies for up to 500,000-yuan reward Čítať ďalej